Ocean tec pool and Jacuzzi water cleaning

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Ocean tec pool and Jacuzzi water cleaning


The product importance and usage:

Clearing pool water as a strong coagulant to improve water quality and increase water clearance and filtration operation.

The product has effective performance when water is opaque due to dust, much particulates, large number of swimmers, no accurate performance of the pool filtration system or being turn off filtration system for long time.

When use pool: consumption amount per week is 1L per 100m3 water.

Consumption to shock (removing water blur mode): 3L per 100m3 daily till full removing pool opacity mode.

Daily Consumption amount for public pool (inject with dosing): liter per each m3 water per day.

How to use to shock: turn on filtration system when assured remaining chlorine in the water is 1-3ppm and pH 7.2 - 7.8 and pour solution into the pool. After 8 hours, when all particulates sediment and water get clear, sweep the pool. Don’t use the pool for 24 hours after pouring the product into water due to prevent mixing particulates.


When must not use:

- the product can't remove opacity resulted from not solving chlorine or high-water hardness.

Security recommendation for using the product:

- keep far from children.

- if contact to eye, wash immediately

-wear goggle when use the product and don't contact with skin

-if directly contact with skin, wash it immediately.



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