Ocean tec pool anti algae

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 Ocean tec pool anti algae


Security recommendations about using the product:

- keep far from children

- if contact to eye, wash immediately

-wear goggle when use the product and don't contact with skin

-if directly contact with skin, wash it immediately.

 To prevent algae growth:

Add 5ml per 1m3 per week.

To eradicate algae: add 15ml per 1m3 every other day to the pool water.


 Important hints before using anti algae:

-backwash pool filter at first

Set Water pH 7.2-7.8

Be careful water chlorine be 1.5-2ppm

Remove leaves and trash over the pool surface

Brush  pool's walls and floor.


Important hints after using anti algae:

Keep filtration pump on for 24hours after pouring anti algae solution into water.

Backwash filter 24h after pouring anti algae solution into water.

Prevent entering water into the pool for 6h after pouring solution.

The best time for adding the solution to the pool water is 6 hours after pouring chlorine.



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