Short introduction

Padideh estakhr has been acted from 2012 on pool and Spa area and recorded more than 1000 projects and sample of pool, sauna and Jacuzzi in its name. Padideh estakhr is trying to transfer obtained knowledge gifted to Padideh estakhr to other citizens as article, seminar, book, teaching etc. and take a small step on developing construction systems.

About Padideh Estakhr
Short introduction

Field of activity of the Padideh Estakhr

+ +30

Maintenance uint projects

+ +15

To design all systems

+ +350

Running projects

+ +1000

All projects

Knowledge Center

  • In this part of the site you can for the first time in Iran study online book of pool designing in simple language as free. The book pool design in simple words is a simple way to learn designing and implementing pool with related pictures and films.
    Knowledge Center Padideh Estakhr


What products does offer Padideh estakhr?

Padideh estakhr products include : all equipments related to pool, sauna, jakoozi and Padideh estakhr unique products such as super nozzle, ice bank, fiberglass pools, automation, skimmer door, filtration package etc. Also, some new products will be added soon.

How much is the cost to build pool and spa in Padideh estakhr?

Cost considered for constructing pool, sauna and jakoozi will be determined with supervision of employers projects. So, contact us to estimate cost or fill the form inserted in the site.

How much time is required to build pool and spa in Padideh estakhr?

Time required to build and implement pool, sauna and jakoozi is determined after supervising of related projects and time for building is mentioned and recorded in the contract. For more information contact us or fill council form in the site.

Why do we choose Padideh estakhr on constructing, designing and implementing pool and spa?

Padideh estakhr has acted from 2007 till now specifically on implementing pool, sauna and jacuzzi continuously and presented high quality projects to the customers.