Ocean tec pool and jacuzzi automation


Ocean tec automation is product of many years executive experience in Iran. Always there has been a concern to accurate control pool and jacuzzi high quality equipment for the pool owners. Todays, since to do high quality projects only solution is to use specialized products and companies, therefore we converted our expertise into device language, so our customers have no need to refer to programmer for PLC and other smart systems. Ocean tec automation is result of many years of executive experience of Padideh Estakhr company.

In this regard we designed and produced some products proportional to projects need in various models which control pool and jacuzzi equipment very simple and suitable price compared to other smart systems. For easy use, all models have been equipped to an application that able us to control pool and jacuzzi from all over the world. Series C are for those projects with and open pool or jacuzzi have no need to complex control.

Series B can control more equipment and for culvert pools they can predict temperature and moisture. Series A with two models As and An has been produced. Model As is more advanced than series B and has touch LCD. series An is more advanced and applicable. This model works under network and adding various modules presents Ocean tec and control to you.


Ocean tec pool and jacuzzi automation advantages:

*Display and control through application

*Connect to internet and remote control

*To control water temperature

*To control Water purification by timer

*To control jacuzzi nozzle pump connected to wireless remote control

*To control indoor pool hall temperature

*To control indoor pool hall moisture

*Brightness control

*To control light color and equipped to lighting with music

*To set pool water and spillover reservoir

*Display and set PH and cl automatically

*To display water hardness

*To set pumps revolution

*To display and control consumed hot water temperature, floor heating, chiller, boiler, etc...