Series An

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To introduce series An at a glance:


Series An is under network, equipped to 4" multi color touch LED display and connect to internet. Using this advanced automation generation  meets all controling needs of a big water complex (water park, public and big pools, private and domestic pools).


Series An capabilities

To set and control PH, ORP, EC, control pool and jakoozi and balance reservoir water level, control fan and engine speed, alarm pumps destruction through feedback module, control pool lights RGB, control pool hall brightness in a large number, set and control consumed heat water temperature, floor heating, chiller, air conditioning and all other engine room equipment, control pool, jakoozi and sauna water temperature, control pool temperature and moisture, control pumps and set daily and monthly work time, connection to remote control to turn on jakoozi and ford pumps near the ford or jakoozi, capable to calibrate temperature and moisture sensors, etc...

-having mobile application and remote control for all equipment.