step 7

 Electricity sign distinctions


It is one of the important cases in controlling power sign that we should consider it in final step of building pool. People installed the pool equipment and finally an electrician connected the sign to power, but what if a pump is destroyed or doesn't work? Who get aware of?

All these works should be done by an expert that is very time consuming and costly. Accordingly, PadidehEstakhr has begun to work with very professional people in knowledge based companies form and used it's 15 year-knowledge and applied all it's experiences in controlling power sign.

It has presented it's knowledge based product as Automation that makes the pool smart.


  1. To design electricity sign circuits by powerful software eplan and present map along with sign.



  1. To record details and electricity sign map and present code specific to each sign to access data.




  1. Using the highest quality and economic equipment and material in making and assembling the electricity sign



  1. Using cable input glands and ducting specific to passing cables toward input terminals to keep more security and aesthetic.



  1. Using low-consumption lighting to easy use of electricity sign.



  1. Using labels curved by laser to survive more in moisture regions.



  1. Numbering all wires to easy repair and maintain.



  1. Naming all equipmentfor users to easy use.



  1. Emergency disconnectors safety circuit and emergency key to disconnect the sign input electricity in emergency cases.




  1. Safety circuit for rising engine room water level and automatic disconnectingthe sign electricity whenpipes damage andengine room water level rise.



  1. Using current leakage key in the electricity sign command circuit for user safety.


  1. Using current leakage keys in circuits, lighting and feeding sauna equipment for users safety.