step 4

Step 4: to implement reinforcement and concrete placing


Reinforcement and waterstop is one of the most important and specific jobs on implementing pool. One that some of the pool executors consider it unimportant, or don't do it accurately.

Reinforcement must be done accurately such that it can be sealed and in order to attach floor concrete and wall concrete to each other,, the waterstop should be used to prevent sealing discussion. In the projects we could have implement and execute reinforcement very well and accurately and used very good and high quality waterstops.


Using good water stop.



Tying all nodes of reinforcement to better transfer flow.



Using concrete spacer


We had another problem in reinforcement that solved it by 15-year knowledge on PadidehEstakhr, we needed spacer in reinforcement. The spacers existed in the market were made of plastic and had many defects including they weren't homogeneous with concrete and easily broken by concrete pressure. Next case is that there weren't 12 cm- spacers in the market so we couldn't work as standard.

In plastic spacers, the reinforcement moved on the spacer and weren't being locked to each other. So, PadidehEstakhr attempted to produced Ocean tech 12cm-spacers. This one is completely homogeneous to concrete and gets a part of concrete and reinforcement is easily locked on it. 12cm-spacers are used because in personal pools the largest pipe used in the pool floor is 12cm and concrete spacer by 12cm diameter is used. On the pool lights, PadidehEstakhr also has a solution. Generally there are pool lights in two forms recessed and cladding



Using water stop specific clamp


Recessed lights:

People buy recessed lights from some companiesand build them in. There is a problem that may burn these lights. When these lights are burned, it may not be found as the burned ones and presented in new frame and since they were inserted in old frame, the new one no more is suitable.

Pool cladding lights:

To use the pool cladding lights we have to pierce concrete and insert the light into it. One of the problems on cladding lights is that they cause leakage so they aren't suitable option

Based on this, PadidehEstakhr has produced and entered into the market Ocean Tech pool lights, model Uranus. In this type of light, a light cup is used in the concrete that is proportional to all cladding lights and no more need to pierce concrete and these pool lights aren't burned without water as well.