step 3

Step 3: to implement mechanical facility


Using pool distinction pipes that are more resistant to hit and pressure.


Engineeringproduction of pipe and high pressure joints specific to pool and Jacuzzi piping.


Due to burying pool pipes under concrete, the pipes resistance to inside and outside pressure are very important. Ocean tech pipes are of higher resistance to hit.


 Internal hydrostatic pressure test

In this test, both sides of the pipe are obstructed and are under pressure from inside. As you see in the test, Hydro pool Ocean Tech pipes are of higher resistance.


 What is super nozzle?

Super nozzle is a unique piece installing in the Jacuzzi piping system to make pressure andwater and air shooting as mix to back or foot . Due to it's specific and engineering design, super nozzle is substituted by common brass or steel nozzles in the market and resolves all problems of the usual nozzle.




Importance and advantages of using super nozzle:

Jet bases are very important pieces to increase pressure for massage in the Jacuzzi which due to their inherent structure create some problem pointed in the catalog to. Ocean Tech Super nozzles have been designed and made to resolve these problems.


 Super nozzle advantages at a glance:

 * reliable connection to UPVC piping and resolvingnozzles sealing problem related to piping.

* independent of material thickness from Jacuzzi concrete to ceramic.

*resolving nozzles sealing problem completely

*reducing Jacuzzi nozzles pump power dramatically.




 Ocean Tech pool and spa automations:




Ocean Tech automation is result of many years executive experience in Iran. High quality equipment accurate control has been very important for the pool and Jacuzzi owners. Since todays just using specialized products and companies is useful to do high quality projects, we converted our expertise to device language, thus our customers don't need to refer to programmer for PLC and other smart systems. Ocean Tech automation is result of manyyears of executive experience of PadidehEstakhrcompany...


In this way, we have designed and produced some products proportional to projects need in different models which control the pool and Jacuzzi equipment very simple and by a suitable price, even more than other smart systems facilities. For easy using of the devices, all models have been equipped with application that made it possible to control pool and Jacuzzi from all over the world.


Device series C are suitable for projects with one pool or open Jacuzzi that don't need to complex control.


Series B can control more equipment and in this series it is possible to adjust temperature and moisture for enclosed pools (baths). Series A has been produced in two models AS and An. Model As is more advanced than B and uses touch LED. Series An is very more advanced and applicable. The model works under network and by adding different modules, donates Ocean Tech and control to you.


Ocean Tech pool and spa automations advantages:

* Display and control through application

*connecting to internet and control from all over the world.

* to control pool water temperature

*to control filtration pump by timer.

*to control Jacuzzi nozzle pump by connecting to wireless remote control.

*to control enclosed pool hall temperature

* to control enclosed pool hall moisture.

*to control brightness

* to control lamps color and equipped with musical lighting

* to set the pooland spillway reservoirwater level.

* to display and set chloride and automatic

* to display water hardness

* to display pumps speed

* to display and control consumed warm water temperature, floor heating, chiller,, boiler etc...






Advantages and distinctions of Ocean Tech pool light- model Oranus:



* the first pool light IP68 which can be turned on outside water without burning.

* the first pool light


* using break-resistance glass instead of resin and no color change under sun light or pool water

*using blurring plates to propagate more light and prevent staring.

* high light propagation angle

Full steed 316 body, very resistant to hit and water chemistry

* better heat transfer due to body material and thus increasing the light life long

*using good cable made of high percent of copper

*in this light, ready board has not been used and a specialized board designed.



Establishment of Ocean Tech flow:

Advantages and distinctions of Ocean Tech flow

In this product, Water exits from three points and in other products it exits from one point. For this, swimmer while swimming doesn't deviate to left or right.


To resolve sealing problem compared to common imported products.

In contrast to a sample existing in the market, it is independent of materials thickness from the Jacuzzi concrete to ceramic.


It is of suitable price and higher efficiency compared to imported products.


Trained executors:






Supervision on execution by supervision unit: