OCEAN TEC filtration pumps


 OCEAN TEC filtration pumps 


It is recommended to install pool and Jacuzzi’s filtration pumps over the chassis to increase their durability and life such that they placed higher than treatment plant floor. It might be gathered much water due to raining or piping system leakage. Pump is the only electrical device in the pool treatment plant that it is not possible to install it on the wall and should be placed on the ground. Therefore, it is, necessary to install it over the chassis to prevent entering water into the pump and damaging electro motor. Putting pump over the chassis prevents pump vibration. Thus, vibration noise is removed and it prevents to exit piping system from sealing mode due to the pump vibration.

Metal chassis used for filtration pumps have some disadvantages. Iron chassis corrode very fast and if we use a resistance material such as stainless steel, it's final cost increases much. The pump polymer chassis is made of fiberglass designed as, a substitution of metal chassis and is applicable for all filtration pumps.

Since, the treatment plant floor has little slope, these chassis bases have been designed such that their height get adjustable to 5cm. So, the pump is put over a flat and balanced level and this improves its operation and life. In addition, it is possible to screw chassis bases to ground.





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