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What is concrete spacer or reinforcement spacer?


As construction industry experts say, in reinforced concrete structures, inserting reinforcements where executive maps determined is of importance in operation of designed structure, keeping quality and resistance of the structures. In one hand, by penetrating into the concrete and contacting to the bars, some factors such as oxygen, moisture, chloride, solphates and other environment corrosive factors can accelerate reinforcements corrosion and reduce the structure useful age. This is while the concrete cover over the reinforcement is considered the most important factor of corrosion prevention. By it's high pressure resistance, Concrete spacers that are the newest generation of spacers have significantly role in increasing concrete structures age providing suitable concrete cover. In addition to have all spacers advantages the concrete spacers resolve much defects and disadvantages of it's previous generation and cause to reduce factors hurt concrete as result of using non-concrete spacers. Generally, using this kind of spacer increases the concrete resistance and structure age. To better understand the point, at first, we compare parameters and examine some weaknesses on using common spacers in concrete structure (plastic model) then explain concrete characteristics.

* high pressure resistance and resistant to smearing

*less spacer used in the structure per one meter square than plastic ones.

*safe transfer of static forces to the concrete.

*high coherence with concrete such that no

hair crack forms between spacer and concrete near it.

*very high impermeable to water and ferrous chloride

* very high physical and chemical resistance

*high resistance to fire and according to the highest level of regulations determined in EN135001-1;2002 class 1.

*exact and constant dimensional tolerance and no deformability to temperature fluctuations.

*fast and easy installation along with different modes of stabilization.

*capable of production in various forms and dimensions and short time.

*more cost effectivity with reducing costs for buying spacers and defects costs result from using plastic spacers (mentioned above) that cause to reduce the structure useful age. Using plastic spacers leads to exacerbate surface permeability in place of spacer insertion. As a result

elements reach to the reinforcements conveniently and destructive chemical processes begin very faster than what expected. This increases corrosion potential and decreases the structure service age. So, it is recommended to use concrete spacers aiming to increase the structure age and protecting against it's destruction.



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