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To introduce OCEAN TEC heat recovery and air condition system


ventilator or energy renewal and heat recovery system is a system entered fresh air from outside into the building after filtering it by various filters and exits old air. The system renewed output air energy without contacting to input air. Heat recovery system which is, applicable all over the year whether cold or warm season, while enjoying fresh air with much oxygen, makes it possible to get rid of chemical pollutants such as dust and chemical, yet saves more than 60% heating and cooling energy consumption.

Input air ventilation

To ventilate input air is several time more than outside air in normal conditions of inside air pollution. It is because of inside pollutant resources such as breathing, dust, cooking and using detergent. So, it is recommended to change inside air by fresh air. But, this is challenging at polluted days of years. Because it causes to choose between bad and worse. Entering fresh air through multiple layers filters in the heat recovery systems is the best solution to solve the challenge, as the inside polluted air is replaced by ventilated fresh air.

How System works:

HRV system is able to recycle energy in cold and warm seasons. In following figure is shown how the system works at cold season. Cold Fresh input air conducts thermal exchange with warm output air on plate converter and it's temperature gets warm optimally. Therefore, in addition to recycle heat and save energy, temperature tension problem is resolved as well. Similarly,at warm seasons, the input fresh air gets cooler as the output cold air recycled.



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