OCEAN TEC vitreous silica


To introduce OCEAN TEC vitreous silica


The pool filter Vitreous silica is capable of filtration of particle as small as 3 micron, without need to coagulant products. Therefore, the product improves filtration quality and reduces disinfectant consumption and all pool chemical. Vitreous silica particles don't agglomeration to each other and don't agglomeration in contrast to sand silica. So, there is minimum pressure reduction in systems whose silica is vitreous one. The vitreous cilica is a very suitable substitution for multiple layer filtration system. In the filters, with sand cilica, to separate particles just is done in about the first 15cm of the cilica bed. This is while suspended particles in the water entrapsover the vitreous cilica bed and improves filtration quality. Reducing back wash time duration, the product causes to save water and electricity. The vitreous cilica is a durable and environment friend product. Since the vitreous cilica density is less than sand cilica one, the vitreous cilica required to full the filter tank is 20% less than sand cilica used to full the same tank.

 Pool vitreous cilica characteristics and applications:

- able to filter particle bigger than 3 microns

-minimum pressure reduction during filtration process

-produced by German technology and equipment

-polyhedron granule without sharp edges

-no need to extra coagulant

-granules resistance

-to increase filtration capacity

-minimum age 10 years

- regenerative products

Megapool vitreous cilica is provided in recycled packages with water proof poly ethylene paper and resistant to sun ultraviolet ray. The product is applied in various areas:

House pool

Public pool


Advanced Industrial establishments such as water and sewage-treatment plant, Water parks, artificial lakes, stills, pisciulture farm and irrigation facility.



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