OCEAN TEC filtration packages


 OCEAN TEC filtration packages


These integrated package’s include all the best and the most up to date equipment required to pool water filtration, heating and disinfection:

- Self suction pump AQUASTRONG from Italy which makes possible to install the package higher than the pool level.

-filtration filter along with European six-way tape and vitreous silica.

- full steel thermal converter along with

continuous brass fillet conduit coupling

- 4 kg linear Chlorination for packages series BASIC

Facing filtration packages of OCEAN TEC pool:

- suitable for pool to 90m3 and Jacuzzi

-electricity board, accessories along with thermostat, timer and protective key.

- high temperature pipe, polymer tapes and joints pprct

- capability to change number of pumps depended on customer selection

Sand filter, filtration pump, thermal converter

-equipped with automatic chloride injection system to the pool and Jacuzzi water

-equipped with height adjustable legs to balance the package over the sloped floors.



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