skimmer Ceramic door

New product of padideh Estakhr

Pool and jacuzzi skimmer Ceramic door



-a product substitution to the pool skimmer door

-includes 2 main parts and a small cover

- creates 2 aligned and coordinate level with the pool indoor

-easy access to skimmer for maintenance.

-suitable for skimmers and regulators.

-can insert all materials (stone, ceramic etc...)



Pool skimmers have a door located indoor and provides access to skimmer. Since the skimmers installed in the pool often are white, skimmer door has no harmony with stone, tile or ceramic used for the pool levels. Based on the skimmer door texture, this part should be cleaned by brush regularly. However, brushing regularly and climate changes and construction operation cause to change color of the skimmer door and its appearance becomes undesirable.

In addition, there is a risk to swimmers that may fall. To resolve these problems, the pool skimmer hidden door is used as substituted product and creates a leveled surface with indoor. This product consists of two main parts and a small cover. The first piece is in fact a part installed on the skimmer. The second piece includes a frame inserted stone, tile or ceramic used for the pool surfaces into it and placed over the first piece. For skimmer maintenance and access into it, the frame can removed easily from hole inserted into it. The hole is normally covered by a small cap. The pool skimmer hidden door is usable for skimmers and regulators.


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