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Innowater S.L. was founded in 2010 to develop and manufacture high-quality saltwater chlorination equipment for swimming pools and other water treatment processes. Its level of specialization enabled it, in 2012, to develop the first high-performance chlorinators for large-capacity installations and to quickly establish itself as a leading manufacturer in the public swimming pool sector, a position it continues to maintain to this day. Large installations present numerous technical difficulties and require an especially reliable and efficient product. All the experience and knowledge acquired in this particularly demanding sector was subsequently used to develop equipment for private pools to produce small-capacity, but high-quality appliances. Today, after more than 8 years on the market, Innowater household chlorinators are considered the most reliable and efficient by both users and professionals alike. Continuing with its philosophy of specialization and quality, Innowater has currently expanded its activity by developing analysis and monitoring equipment for water treatment applications.

Innowater develops and produces all its equipment in Spain and uses the highest quality suppliers and components. By integrating all the fundamental development and manufacturing phases, such as mechanical and electronic design, software development, and complete product assembly, Innowater achieves exceptional control over the final product which results in its high quality and adaptability.

In addition to product development and manufacturing, Innowater has established, as a fundamental part of its structure, an efficient customer service department. This important function aims to provide quality advice in both the pre and post-sales phases and valuable technical support in projects tailored to our customers' needs. The direct and efficient relationship established with the end user, which only a manufacturer can provide, explains the great loyalty and satisfaction of our customers.
Salt water chlorination and control equipment
They are specialized in the development and manufacturing of saltwater chlorination systems and control equipment
Their saltwater chlorination treatment solutions and control equipment apply to a wide range of sectors including swimming pools, industry, agriculture and livestock, desalination, potable water treatment, and wastewater treatment.

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